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Greek Language Home Care
Packages for the Elderly

Home care packages for the elderly are now delivered on a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) basis, giving you and your family more control over how services are delivered. This model aligns with PRONIA's commitment to providing culturally appropriate aged care. We can help you navigate care options and provide Greek language services to support your needs and deliver peace of mind.

What it means to be a Community
Care Worker at PRONIA!

PRONIA means ‘to provide’ or ‘make provision for’ in Greek, but of course it also means more than that.
Its deeper connotations of ‘care’ and ‘forethought’ lie at the heart of our mission. If you enjoy working with the elderly, apply now and begin a rewarding career as a Community Care Worker with PRONIA and help those in the community that need it most. 

Family & Community Services
Family & Community Services

Services include family and marital counselling, advocacy and referral, financial assistance, consultations and community development and education.

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Aged Care
Aged Care<br/> 

We provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services to meet the health and care needs of frail elderly, people with disabilities and their carers.

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Childcare <br/> 

Greek bilingual long day care and kindergarten is available to families in the City of Yarra and surrounding suburbs through our Alpha childcare centres.

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Consumer directed care explained
Consumer directed care explained

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is a service delivery philosophy that gives recipients and their carers more control over the design and delivery of the services they receive.

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  • Hours of service 150000 provided to elders at home
  • Individuals and families 1500 Supported via casework and counselling
  • Comprehensive programs 20 provided to the Greek Commnuity
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