Aged & Co-ordinated Care Services

PRONIA provides programs to meet the health and care needs of frail elderly, people with disabilities and their carers. All programs follow appropriate evaluation, planning, assessment, monitoring, referral and consultation processes to provide and ensure accessibility and availability of care to appropriate services. Eligibility criteria (implemented through assessment procedures) must be met for all programs.

Services Include:

  • Planned Activity Groups (PAG), locations: Brunswick, South Clayton, North Balwyn, Sunshine
  • Social Support Program (friendly visiting service)
  • Community Visitors Scheme
  • Assessment
  • In-home & recreational Respite,
  • Home Care Packages (West, East & Northern regions of Melbourne)
  • Brokered Services
  • Private Brokered Services
  • Training (introduction to computers)
  • Workforce Development Program
  • Volunteer Workforce Development Program
What respite services are available to the elderly and their carers?

PRONIA provides a range of Greek language respite services....

These services include home, recreational and centre-based options for the elderly and their carers.

How can I or my family gain access to home care package or respite services?

Referrals for PRONIA respite services are accepted through My Aged Care on...

1800 200 422 or by visiting