Ms Augusta Seremetis - DIRECTOR

Augusta Seremetis

Augusta  Seremetis is the CEO of Cire Services which encompasses Cire Training, Cire Children’s Services; Cire Community School and Cire Community Hubs. 

Augusta  recognises PRONIA as the key organisation in the delivery of services to the Greek community and would like to contribute her skills and experience toward achieving the PRONIA mission.

Augusta’s passion lies with education and employment opportunities particularly for vulnerable people. She has held a number of executive positions working closely with disengaged youth, long term unemployed and the disability sector. Gus believes that every individual deserves the same opportunity to learn and fulfil their aspirations irrespective of their circumstances or background.

Augusta recently completed the Australian Institute of Directors course and has held Board positions with Kalparrin Early Childhood Intervention Centre and Kidsafe Victoria. She has volunteered her services to various organisations within the not for profit sector (fundraising; HR; Governance). Having had the opportunity to be part of an orphanage in Bali that focuses on education was an “experience of a lifetime” and one that confirmed why she is doing what she does.