PRONIA Appoints New CEO

PRONIA Appoints New CEO

The Board of Directors of PRONIA, has appointed Tina Douvos-Stathopoulos as the CEO effective from the First of January 2017.

The President of PRONIA Mr George Spiliotis in making this announcement stated: “On behalf of the Board of PRONIA I am delighted to announce that Tina Douvos-Stathopoulos was the successful applicant after an extensive advertising and recruitment process. Tina has been a long serving senior Manager and Deputy Director at PRONIA and she brings a combination of strong managerial and advocacy skills to the role of CEO as well as a demonstrated knowledge of the needs of the Greek speaking community in Melbourne and Victoria. Tina is eminently qualified to lead PRONIA into its next chapter and to meet the new and emerging needs of our community.” stated Mr Spiliotis.

PRONIA since its establishment 44 years ago, has played a pivotal role in the provision of settlement and community services to the Australian Greek community while advocating and impacting on policy development at the state and national level to better meet the needs of the community.

In accepting the position Ms Tina Douvos- Stathopoulos stated “I am honoured and excited to be appointed as the PRONIA CEO and am privileged to be in the position to lead the organisation into the future and continue to build on its success.  I look forward to working with the Board of Directors in fulfilling the strategic directions and vision of the organisation, PRONIA’s staff across all program areas and the many stakeholders in the community.  I also take the opportunity to thank Voula Messimeri for the strong partnership and mentorship she provided me over the many years and wish her every success in the future.”

Mr Spiliotis reiterated that PRONIA’s objective is “to empower the Australian-Greek community to reach their full potential by undertaking service provision, advocacy, policy development and research in an innovative, culturally and linguistically appropriate manner”.

In congratulating Tina Douvos- Stathopoulos on her appointment to the CEO position, Mr Spiliotis thanked Ms Voula Messimeri for her outstanding service to PRONIA and the Australian Greek community, and concluded that Tina would bring strength and proven experience in the pursuit and implementation of PRONIA’ s objectives and positively pave the way for a new epoch in the journey of PRONIA in servicing the Australian Greek community.


For media comment contact:

George Spiliotis: 0407 831 072

Tina Douvos- Stathopoulos: (03) 9388 9998 / Mob: 0407 532 423