Australian Greek Welfare Society is now PRONIA!

Australian Greek Welfare Society is now PRONIA!
  • 27-Jun-2016

Voula Messimeri-KianidisWe are proud to have made a significant contribution to our community over several decades.

Today, changing demographics and models of care mean the organisation will be better able to advocate for a stronger community by transitioning to a new name that supports our mission and enables us to better serve all generations and meet the emerging needs of the Greek speaking community.

PRONIA means to “provide” or “make provision for” in Greek but of course it also means more than that. Its deeper connotations of “care” and “forethought “  lie in the heart of our mission. Many in our community have always known the organisation by this name and we now look forward to extending our story to colleagues, stakeholders and supporters among the broader community.

At its core our organisation, PRONIA, stands for the creation of a stronger community that enables individuals to reach their full potential. All existing programs, services and advocacy are embedded within this central aim. It is the job of our new brand, the logo and name, to further reflect and express this aim through our interactions with each other, with our clients, service providers, government and other valued stakeholders.

The legal name of Australian Greek Welfare Society Ltd. will remain for the purposes of contracts with government, sub-contractors and other legal requirements.

From its origins as a vital support system for the first wave of migrants, to supporting the development of a strong community over 44 years in the making, to the present,  PRONIA is paving the way to develop services  and programs and innovate to effectively meet its stated purpose and mission going into the future.

We very much look forward to working with you and would welcome any queries that you may have in relation to the new brand.