Respite Services

The aim of the Respite program is to provide carers with a break from their caring responsibilities. 

Carers can use this opportunity to rest or to attend to any personal errands, such as shopping, doctor’s appointments etc.

Regular respite also helps to reduce stress levels associated with caring for their loved one, particularly those who are frail aged or people suffering from dementia or other disabilities. 

The program focuses on supporting the carer’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing so they can continue to look after their loved one in their own home for as long as possible.

Carers that are eligible include younger carers, employed carers and ageing carers who look after people over the age of 18.

PRONIA employs experienced bilingual Community Care Workers (CCW) who are trained to provide culturally appropriate care and are sensitive to the needs of carers and care recipients.

In Home Respite: 

A CCW from PRONIA will visit the client at their home on a regular basis, depending on individual needs. For a care recipient who has complex care needs, an in-home respite service can be organised. The CCW worker will provide companionship and engage in activities that stimulate and encourage independence. More importantly, the worker will monitor the client’s and carer’s wellbeing and reports any concerns or changes. PRONIA supports the carer to address any concerns or will to refer to other services if necessary.

Recreational Respite:

In addition to the above, the CCW can support the care recipient to access their local community. Activities generally centre on outings such as shopping, engaging in a meal together, going to the movies and a range of other social activities. It’s important that the care recipient remains an active member of their local community for as long as possible.

Referrals for respite services are accepted through My Aged Care on 1800 200 422