Celebrating 50 years of service to the community

This year, the Australian Greek Welfare Society (known today as PRONIA)
celebrates 50 years of operation: half a century of growth and achievement
in the area of advocacy & service provision to the Australian Greek and Multicultural community of Melbourne.

It was exactly 50 years ago in 1972, when a group of visionary Greek-Australians met and discussed their ideas in order to help all the new migrants settle in their new country.

Their meeting led to the forming of an organisation that has since played a leading role not only in direct service provision but also in advocacy, community development, community education, and policy development.

The invaluable contribution that PRONIA has made to the Australian Greek community in Victoria has been highly recognised and has won the respect and support from everyone in the community at large. During the last fifty years, PRONIA has gone from strength to strength and evolved into the leading welfare organisation that it is today offering a broad range of services across all of Melbourne. From the pioneering days in the 1970s till today the organisation always recognised and tackled the problems facing Greek migrants and was always actively involved in advocacy that advanced the interests of Greek and multicultural Australia. Constant expansion of services and adaptation to the ever-changing needs of the community means that it is as relevant to the needs of the Greek-Australians in Victoria as it was at its inception.

6:30PM – 12:00AM



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Become our partners! Why partner with PRONIA?

Sponsoring PRONIA will provide our business partners with an opportunity to be involved with a non-profit organisation who has been at the forefront of advocacy and service delivery to the Australian – Greek community for 50 years.

Through its arrangement PRONIA will ensure that it provides a value-for-money opportunity to all of its partners. With this in mind, PRONIA believes that its sponsors can benefit from the following:

• Creating company or product awareness and visibility at selected PRONIA events.

• Creating company or product awareness and visibility through advertising opportunities in event publications.

• Highlighting the importance of community responsibility and/or corporate social responsibility.

• Building new and enhanced community networks.

• An opportunity to entertain company clients by purchasing additional tickets to PRONIA events.

As a non-profit organisation, PRONIA understands the true value of the fundraising dollar and how important it is to fully appreciate the contributions that are made by all its partners and donors.

However, PRONIA also believes that our corporate partnership are a business transaction and as such must not be viewed simply as a “donation”. It is a much valued contribution that assists PRONIA in meeting the changing needs of our community.

It is therefore with this in mind that we ask you to consider becoming a Corporate Partner.

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