Cr Kris Pavlidis - DIRECTOR

Kris Pavlidis

Kris is an experienced and passionate community advocate for social justice and cultural diversity and has held various positions over more than thirty years.

She has worked across Government and Non Government Organizations primarily in Policy and Strategic Planning & Community Development, to address key issues of access and equity. Kris is committed to the principles of PRONIA and the vision for strong leadership, innovation and growth in a climate that embraces change whilst continuing to strive for the best standard of care. Kris was appointed to the Board 2014.

Kris is currently an elected Local Government representative having served four Councillor Terms and two as Mayor. During this tenure her initiatives have been numerous and include: the establishment of Council’s Multicultural Policy; Council’s Multicultural Budget; Whittlesea Interfaith Network; Access & Inclusion Australia Day Award; Gender Equity Program; Council’s successful pursuit of the LEAD Project; Council’s campaign for Section 18C; Council’s Refugee and Asylum Seeker Policy; Ministerial Cabinet representations; facilitation of numerous community Forums.

She is the Chair, Ethnic Communities’ Council Victoria; Convenor, Women Matter 2 and Council delegate to the Reconciliation Group. Kris’ skills base lies in Policy Development, Community and stakeholder engagement and consultation and Training.

Her work has been recognised through the VMC Awards for Multicultural Excellence; the VLGA Champions for Gender Equity; the Municipal Association Victoria for Outstanding Service. Qualifications: B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W. Management.