Pronia has been delivering services to the newly arrived Greek migrants since 2012, in
response to the new wave of Greek migrants migrating to Australia due to the economic
crisis in Greece. In 2015, Pronia was successful in receiving state government funding
to deliver a four year project to meet the needs of newly arrived people and expedite their
settlement or resettlement in Melbourne and Victoria.

Through the Newly arrived project Pronia provides settlement, integration and adjustment
services to newly arrived individuals and families. These services are a combination of
direct casework and community education and development.

The direct casework is delivered via face to face and telephone contact
with clients and provides:

  • effective generalist casework service
  • practical assistance
  • information and referral to increase clients’ access to information and services
  • crisis intervention to clients experiencing settlement related distress or problems
  • client support on a range of settlement issues including housing issues, health and mental health issues, financial support and other material relief, migration issues,family and relationship issues, education, training and employment, language assistance
  • referral to PRONIA Greek migration information and referral service and Greek legal information and referral service and provision of follow up support where needed
  • short term counselling and referral to PRON IA Family & Relationship service and other counselling support services
  • advocacy support to promote and protect clients’ rights and wellbeing and improve access to services

The Community education and development services include but are not limited to:

  • delivery of community information seminars on health, social security, welfare, housing and other settlement services
  • development and implementation of education and training programs to address employment and training needs of new migrants
  • provision of structured career transition activities to improve Greek migrants’ employment prospects
  • community development initiatives to bring Greek migrants together to connect, learn and contribute to their local community
  • development of bilingual materials and resources to support education and trainingprograms

For more information please call Pronia on (03) 9388 9998.